Thumos - Coaching For Men
Thumos - Coaching For Men
Jody Licatino

Welcome to Thumos - Coaching For Men

Optimizing men for growth, purpose and impact! - Join Us in the Inner Circle!

About Us

We are optimizing (leveling-up) and integrating (the 8 Fs).  We are winning, together.  We are real, we are imperfect, we are strong (mind and body), and we are changing lives and impacting destinies.  Our cause (Thumos) is bigger than us.  It'll live on, in spirit, forever. THUMOS as an acronym (Trust. Honor. Unbound. Manhood. Optimize. Serve.).  #ThumosWayOfLife

Why You Should Join

This is how we stay in contact to help each other, as a brotherhood (care) and mastermind (learn and grow).  Connection.  Confidence.  Clarity.  It's what we stand to gain.  Unlocking true potential - you and I know that there is more (much more), let's go find it together!